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Smile Makeover

Smile makeover treatment is like giving your smile a complete renovation with a range of customized and transformative procedures that can address multiple dental issues at once. This comprehensive and personalized approach can restore your teeth to their optimal health, aesthetics, and function, giving you a smile that is both beautiful and healthy.

What is smile makeover- kusadasi,turkey

What Is Smile Makeover Turkey?

Smile Makeover Kusadasi, Turkey is the process of giving a natural and beautiful appearance according to the patient's appearance by targeting the tooth and mouth structure that has deteriorated due to various health problems of the patient. Smile aesthetics Kusadasi Turkey is a multidisciplinary approach in which many procedures are applied together. Smile aesthetic Kusadasi,Turkey application can be used for deformity and discoloration problems in teeth and gums, and tooth discoloration.

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

One of the biggest benefits of smile makeover Turkey is the renewed sense of self-confidence that the patient feels. With the restoration of teeth, which play an important role in speech, speech problems can be eliminated. According to research, having a beautiful smile also increases business success.


Research by the University of California has revealed that people with beautiful teeth earn 12% more. In summary, smile aesthetics can do more than rejuvenate your smile. If you are also interested in improving your quality of life, you can contact our centers.

Become Self-Confident

Eliminate Speach Problems

Rejuvanate your smile

Have Beautiful Teeth

Who can have Smile Makeover in kusadasi,turkey

What makes you a good candidate for Smile Makeover?

Smile aesthetics (smile makeover) provide the completion of missing teeth, restoration of rotten teeth, whitening of stained teeth, shaping of misshapen gums, lengthening of very short teeth, correction of crooked teeth, closure of tooth cracks. It is best to consult a dentist to start your smile aesthetics. You can contact us to ask questions, resolve your concerns and make an appointment for the first examination.

What is the process of smile makeover in Turkey?

Smile makeup is a set of cosmetic dentistry procedures to make your smile look better. The procedure in a smile makeup usually includes;


Meeting a cosmetic dentist is the first step to making your smile aesthetic. The dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and general oral health during this appointment and listen to your concerns, wishes, and goals for your smile.

Treatment Planning

Your dentist will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals based on your consultation. This treatment plan may include several cosmetic dental operations such as veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and orthodontic adjustments. After tooth and gingival preparation, aesthetic procedures can be performed.

Follow-up care

Your dentist will provide guidelines for follow-up care when the aesthetic operations are finished. This includes maintaining good oral hygiene and not skipping follow-up checks.

maintain smile makeover in kusadasi,turkey

How do you maintain Smile Makeover?

Smile makeup is a series of cosmetic dental procedures used to improve the appearance of your smile, that is, your teeth. We have explained how to protect your smile makeup in the following items;


  • Brush and floss regularly with a soft-headed brush,

  • Visit your dentist regularly,

  • Avoid certain stain-causing foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, and red wine,

  • Use a straw, which will help minimize contact with the teeth and reduce the risk of staining,

  • Use a mouthguard if you play sports or grind your teeth at night,

  • Follow your dentist's aftercare instructions.

Bush your teeth with Tooth Brush
Dental Floss.
follow your dentist's instructions in kusadasi,turkey
avoid coffee tea wine
use mouthguard
use straw

How much does a Smile Makeover cost in Kusadasi, Turkey?

The cost of a smile in Kusadasi, Turkey can vary depending on several factors, such as the extent of the procedures involved, the materials used, and the dentist's location and experience.

Teeth whitening, Bonding, Dental veneers, and Dental implants, some of the processes that can be included in smile makeup, can change and affect the prices from the beginning.

It is important to remember that the actual cost of a smile aesthetic will depend on the individual case and the recommendations of the treating dentist. It is also essential to consider additional costs such as travel, accommodation, and post-procedure care. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of a smile-makeup tailored to your specific needs, we recommend consulting our qualified and experienced dentists at Turkey's Kusadasi Dentalcare Clinic.

Smile makeover Cost in kusadasi,turkey
  • How long do veneers last?
    It is difficult to say anything definite about the life of the veneers. But research has revealed that it is expected to last at least 10 years and possibly more. If routine oral care is done regularly, it can be used for years. Performing dental checks at 6-month intervals will extend the life of the coating. Also, their longevity depends on their placement or location in the mouth.
  • Do e-max veneers hurt?
    The etching process on the tooth for the placement of the veneer may cause sensitivity at first. Root canal treatment can be performed beforehand when necessary to reduce and eliminate sensitivity.
  • Do your teeth have to be shaved for E-max veneers?
    Thanks to the durability of the E-max crowns, developed with the latest technology, super thin Emax veneers can be applied without too much reshaping or shaving of your teeth. Almost all of the tooth structure is allowed to remain so that the patient can remove veneers in the future and live without them if necessary. This is the opposite of porcelain veneers, which are supposed to be permanent as they damage and change the teeth to a great extent.
  • How long do zirconium teeth last?
    The life of a zirconium crown is affected by the processes and precautions we mentioned above. Following your doctor's advise will also extend the life of the veneers. In this regard, it is not possible to give an exact time for the life of zirconium tooth. With proper care and regular oral care, the veneers can last 10-30 years. Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis can shorten this period. If the mouth, teeth and gums are not properly cared for, the life of the veneers can be shortened up to 10 years.
  • Do zirconia veneers look natural?
    Zirconia veneers mimic the appearance of natural teeth. They can look very aesthetic when done well by an experienced cosmetic dentist. However, the final result depends on some factors, such as the skill and experience of the dentist, the quality of the material used, and the anatomy of the patient's tooth and mouth. Zirconia veneers are made of high-quality ceramic material with the latest technologies. They are trendy for coatings because they are highly durable and resistant to staining and discoloration.
  • What are the disadvantages of zirconium crowns?
    In the years when zirconia was first used in dentistry, these situations, which were seen as cons, have disappeared with the rapid development of technology. Despite this, getting dental veneers still makes many people hesitate. Before the procedure, questions such as "Is the veneers good for the teeth", "Is zirconium harmful" are often asked. The harms and disadvantages of zirconium tooth veneers are almost non-existent. Except for the possibility of breakage when zirconium crown is used on very long bridges, it's only disadvantage is its higher cost compared to metal-supported porcelains.
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