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Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment involves placing an artificial tooth root into the jawbone, which serves as a sturdy foundation for a replacement tooth. This procedure is a long-lasting and effective solution for restoring missing teeth and improving oral health.

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Dental Implant Treatments in  Kusadasi, Turkey

Dental implant treatment methods apply artificial roots to people with no teeth or one or more missing teeth in their mouths, and the unsightly appearance caused by missing teeth is eliminated by using prostheses supported by implant teeth. The implant tooth performs the function of your main tooth in a powerful way. Implanted teeth can be used safely and comfortably at all stages of our lives by regularly and appropriately performing oral and dental care and cleaning, as well as following the dentist’s recommendations on what to do after the treatment process.

What are dental implants?

The implant is a screw-shaped application made of titanium material suitable for today's technology. This material is highly compatible and resistant to body tissues. The function and aesthetic appearance of the tooth or teeth that we lost with the dental implant application is provided by a screw-shaped material placed in the jawbone. Teeth regained by dental implant treatment are very similar to natural tooth roots. People who have dental implant treatment aim to recover the chewing ability and ability of their teeth with the help of this treatment.


People can have healthy teeth by having implant dental treatment without damaging the teeth in their healthy side parts and without the need for another operation, as in cases where all their teeth are lost in their mouths.


Implant tooth application takes an average of half an hour. Local anesthesia is applied to the person treated in  operation. Since the outer surface of the implant requires a special application, a special attachment method is used  for the implant to be firmly attached to the jawbone area, both cellular and mechanically. 3-6 months is required for this connection to be fully established. Of course, there are also accepted methods in world practice that prosthesis can be inserted without any waiting time application. Whichever method is most suitable for the patient, that method can be determined by the dentist and applied. Waiting for the recovery period is preferred in order for the treatment to be successful.


Implant teeth are also known as screw teeth. Implant dental treatment method, which is a more successful method than prosthesis and bridge treatment methods, is preferred by people. The success rate of other methods is lower when compared to the implant dental treatment method. And again, the implant tooth (screwed tooth) is an application that does not harm the jawbone and other teeth.

What are the dental implants in kusadasi,turkey
What are the advantages of the dental implants in kusadasi,turkey

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

People can lose their teeth and teeth for different reasons. In this case, do people replace my lost teeth with an implant or a bridge? Should I have it done or Implant tooth or prosthesis? They keep asking themselves whether it will benefit better. 


In answer to these questions, it may be necessary to cut and reduce the other side teeth that are healthy in the bridge treatment, which is one of the dental treatment methods. In case of cutting, you may have pain in your teeth and it is possible that you will have an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. 


In addition, dental implant treatment is one of the options, since there may be decay in your teeth under the foot area of the bridge treatment in bridge treatment. Implant treatment does not cause any damage to neighboring healthy teeth. 


Other teeth are not damaged. Among the dental treatment methods, the most applied type of prosthesis treatment is bridge treatment. When people have prosthetic dental treatment, they cannot experience a very long-term comfort of use. However, an implanted tooth can serve people throughout their lives. 


A prosthetic tooth made with an unnatural application cannot function fully while performing normal tooth functions. On the other hand, in people who have implanted teeth, since the implant is a very close application to your natural tooth, both chewing, eating-drinking and speaking are performed very comfortably. 


While the prosthetic teeth applied by attaching to the side teeth do not give the person a natural and aesthetic appearance, the implant dental treatment technique can achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance. Cost is an important criterion in the selection of dental treatment methods. 


Although both implant prices and bridge prosthesis prices have affected the preferences, when all stages of the treatments are evaluated, it will be seen that the costs are not different. In fact, the total cost will be high as the prosthetic teeth will need to be renewed over time. Considering other dental treatment methods, implant treatment, which has more advantages and benefits, has come to the fore in today's dental treatment methods.

Who Is The Ideal Patient For Dental Implants?

The subjects that people who want to have implant dental treatment are most curious about are "In which cases dental implant treatment is performed?" It has been collected in the answers to the questions "Who gets implant treatment". The answers to the questions that are curious will first be resolved during the initial examination to be made by our dentist.  to be able to answer your questions during the preliminary examination, the dentist will examine your age, whether you have chronic diseases, whether you have a history of addiction, what the degree of addiction is, the choice of treatment, the condition of the jaw area, the condition of your gums. The determinations to be made are also very important for implant construction. People who can be treated with dental implants can be counted as follows:


▪    People in good general health.

▪    People who have completed their growth and development stages and whose jaw bone structure has reached a sufficient level.

▪    People who are at least 16-18 years old with no upper age limit.

▪    People who do not have a health condition that will adversely affect the healing phase following implant dental treatment.

▪    People whose jawbone condition and width are suitable for implant dental treatment. If the width of the jawbone is not suitable, the patient can be treated with a medical application to increase the amount of jawbone.

▪    People whose diabetes is under control and whose sugar level is low and who want to have screwed teeth treatment.

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Aftercare for dental implant  in kusadasi,turkey
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Aftercare for Dental Implant

As with other medical treatments, you must first follow your dentist's advice and instructions.

▪    After the dental implant treatment is finished, nothing should be eaten or drunk for about 2 hours. Consumption of very hot and very cold foods and beverages should be avoided for an average of one week following the implant treatment. Consumption of hard and crusty foods can put pressure on the implant treated area. Therefore, care should be taken when consuming similar foods. Since implant treatment is also a surgical operation, it may take time for the incisions to heal.

▪    There may be bleeding in the form of discharge in the mouth after implant treatment. To prevent this problem, the tampons placed in the mouth by the dentist should be kept in the mouth for half an hour.

▪    Such situations should be avoided such as spitting, making interventions that will irritate the wound in the mouth, and activating the mouth muscles by talking for a long time will increase bleeding.

▪    Since smoking and alcohol use during the healing phase after implant treatment will make it difficult for the wounds to heal, the use should be suspended for a while.

▪    Dental and oral hygiene is very important and the person should pay attention to oral and dental care and should do oral cleaning regularly. While cleaning the teeth, the toothbrush should not be used on the implant tooth, and regular brushing of the other teeth should be continued. Different oral and dental care methods can be done in line with the advice of the dentist.

▪    Ice application or cold towel compress can be applied to your swollen and bruised area, which may occur after dental implant treatment, for treatment purposes. The application can be repeated at intervals of 10 minutes.

▪    Following the implant treatment, the drugs recommended by your dentist should be used by considering the daily usage amounts.

▪    Make sure to have your check-ups at a frequency to be determined by the dentist. 

What are the disadvantages of Tooth Implant?

Today, most institutions providing dental treatment services use titanium material when applying implants. The feature of titanium material is that it does not have a toxic effect on the human body. Allergic and carcinogenic effects of implant dental treatment on the human body have not been observed.


Dental implants, which are made of quality materials used in treatment, can adapt to the human body quickly. If the jawbone and implant tooth cannot adapt and fuse together for various reasons, the patient may experience problems.

What are the disadvantages of Tooth Implant Aftercare for dental implant  in kusadasi,turkey
How much dental implant  Price in Kusadasi, Izmir, Turkey

How much does a Dental Implant cost in Izmir,Turkey?

Many factors are involved when determining implant prices. The factors that are important in determining the screw thread price are as follows:


▪    The knowledge, experience and previous achievements of the dentist who will perform the implant treatment.

▪    Additional procedures to be done before implant treatment (for example, the process of increasing the level of the jawbone, which has not yet reached the sufficient level of development, with medical interventions)

▪    The characteristics, quality, brand of the implant material to be embedded.

▪    How many implant procedures will be performed on the person to be treated.

▪    The properties, quality, model and brand of the prosthesis and other materials to be fitted after the screw thread is placed.

▪    Whether all materials to be used in implant dental treatment are imported. (Increases in exchange rates have increased the preference for domestic rather than imported materials.)

▪    Payment option preferred by the individual. (Payment/advance)


Due to the rapid change in the factors affecting the prices, the current implant tooth prices will be revealed with the interview you will make with your dentist.

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