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About Dentasey

about dentasey-dentasey kusdadasi turkey

Oral and Dental Clinic

Being aware of the missions our vision assigns us to, we are striving to improve the health of our patients both from Turkey and abroad. With the pride of sharing local success with international patients, we always aim to do what is better. As Dentasey, we consider all our patients as individuals of our ever-expanding family; we provide healthcare services in terms of routine examinations, and processes of diagnosis and treatment. In order to raise awareness concerning the importance of mouth and dental health, improve individual health initially and then social health, and prevent the negligence of dental health, we as Dentasey are at your service in Buca Sirinyer, Izmir, and Kusadasi.

Our Story

Our founder, Dentist Uğur Erçiftci, started 30 years ago in İzmir-Buca in 2016 and in 2021 in Aydın-Kuşadası in order to carry his business and human experience gained during his professional life to a more modern and advanced point in the developing and changing dentistry profession. He serves you with his polyclinics, which it has established under the brand of "DENTASEY", 9 physicians who are experts in their fields, and state-of-the-art devices.

best dental clinic in kusadasi-Dentasey dental clinic Kusadasi Turkey

Our Team.

Meet our team of experienced and dedicated dental professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients.

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