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Patient's Guide

International Patient Directory

Apply, Let's Meet

You can choose from Dentasey services and contact us by filling out our form. If you share your most up-to-date X-ray, we can create a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan for you.

We Start Our Treatment Process

We implement our special treatment plan for you and increase the comfort of your treatment process. After the treatment is completed, we complete your check-ups and send you off as happier and healthier.

Let's Plan Your Treatment, Present Our Offer

When you fill out our application form completely, we will send you our treatment plan, which we will prepare specifically for you, and the treatment stages, including the treatment cost, within 48 hours. Thus, we eliminate your question marks about the treatment.

We are with you in the process after the treatment

We are with you in the process after our treatments! When you want to have your routine check-ups and protect your oral and dental health, we bring you our preventive and preventive treatments. See you every 6 months!

International Patients Guide.webp
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