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E-max Laminate Veneers

E-max veneer treatment is like upgrading your smile to the latest technology with strong, durable, and natural-looking veneers made of lithium disilicate ceramic material. This advanced and minimally invasive procedure can restore your teeth to their optimal shape, size, and color, giving you a smile that is as stunning as it is functional.

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What is E-max Veneer & E-Max Crown Turkey?

Emax laminate veneer (empress) is the coating used to give realistic and natural smiles with special ceramics. It has a strong structure and does not contain metal.

The application is mostly preferred for aesthetics. However, although it can be applied to deformed teeth and broken teeth, it is not applied to all parts of the teeth. Patients who want to have E-max veneer should first be examined and their suitability tested.

What are the advantages of e-max and empress dental veneers?

  • A purplish color does not occur on the edges or gums of the treated teeth.

  • E-Max has high light transmittance.

  • E-Max does not harm the tooth structure.

  • E-Maxoffers a slippery and smooth tooth structure.

  • E-Max minimizes the sensitivity of the teeth.

  • E-Max is very rich in terms of color options.

  • E-Max prevents tartar formation to a great extent.

  • E-Max is made of lithium disilicate and glass ceramic. Thus, E-Max has a durable structure.

  • In addition, ceramic teeth offer a natural tooth appearance. It closes the gaps in the tooth.

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On which teeth can e-max crown be applied in kusadasi,turkey

On which teeth can e-max crown be applied?

The light transmittance of the glass ceramic tooth is high. Thus, it can offer patients a natural appearance in the mouth. It is often preferred in anterior incisors. The types of teeth that can be treated can be listed as follows:

  • A large number of restored teeth need to be aesthetically correct.

  • In the protective layer of the tooth; deformity or lack of it, enamel defects.

  • Teeth that lose their appearance as a result of abrasions, erosion, or attrition.

  • Restoration of bad teeth.

  • Incorrectly positioned teeth

  • Teeth that cannot regain their whiteness and change color as a result of root canal treatment.

  • Teeth that experience discoloration due to age.

  • Broken teeth due to trauma or tooth decay

  • Crooked teeth.

  • Yellowed teeth

How much does an e-max crown cost in Kusadasi, Turkey?

There is no fixed price for Emax & Empress dental veneers. Turkish Dental Association Although the base prices have been determined for coating applications, the prices may vary according to the situations stated below:

  • Number of teeth to be veneered

  • Extra applications are to be made to the patient whose treatment is considered

  • The quality and quantity of the material selected for the coating

  • The knowledge and experience of the dentist who will do the veneer

  • Change in exchange rates

  • Payment method

how much does an e-max crown cost in kusadasi,turkey?
  • How long do veneers last?
    It is difficult to say anything definite about the life of the veneers. But research has revealed that it is expected to last at least 10 years and possibly more. If routine oral care is done regularly, it can be used for years. Performing dental checks at 6-month intervals will extend the life of the coating. Also, their longevity depends on their placement or location in the mouth.
  • Do e-max veneers hurt?
    The etching process on the tooth for the placement of the veneer may cause sensitivity at first. Root canal treatment can be performed beforehand when necessary to reduce and eliminate sensitivity.
  • Do your teeth have to be shaved for E-max veneers?
    Thanks to the durability of the E-max crowns, developed with the latest technology, super thin Emax veneers can be applied without too much reshaping or shaving of your teeth. Almost all of the tooth structure is allowed to remain so that the patient can remove veneers in the future and live without them if necessary. This is the opposite of porcelain veneers, which are supposed to be permanent as they damage and change the teeth to a great extent.
  • How long do zirconium teeth last?
    The life of a zirconium crown is affected by the processes and precautions we mentioned above. Following your doctor's advise will also extend the life of the veneers. In this regard, it is not possible to give an exact time for the life of zirconium tooth. With proper care and regular oral care, the veneers can last 10-30 years. Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis can shorten this period. If the mouth, teeth and gums are not properly cared for, the life of the veneers can be shortened up to 10 years.
  • Do zirconia veneers look natural?
    Zirconia veneers mimic the appearance of natural teeth. They can look very aesthetic when done well by an experienced cosmetic dentist. However, the final result depends on some factors, such as the skill and experience of the dentist, the quality of the material used, and the anatomy of the patient's tooth and mouth. Zirconia veneers are made of high-quality ceramic material with the latest technologies. They are trendy for coatings because they are highly durable and resistant to staining and discoloration.
  • What are the disadvantages of zirconium crowns?
    In the years when zirconia was first used in dentistry, these situations, which were seen as cons, have disappeared with the rapid development of technology. Despite this, getting dental veneers still makes many people hesitate. Before the procedure, questions such as "Is the veneers good for the teeth", "Is zirconium harmful" are often asked. The harms and disadvantages of zirconium tooth veneers are almost non-existent. Except for the possibility of breakage when zirconium crown is used on very long bridges, it's only disadvantage is its higher cost compared to metal-supported porcelains.
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